Smart Meters

Some of our members made a short animated film with support from TAPE, in partnership with Conwy Connect for Learning Disabilities. The film tells people with learning disabilities about Smart Meters.






Smart meters do more than old gas and electricity meters. They can help you see how much gas or electricity you are using. You can have one fitted for free.

There are 2 parts to a smart meter:

  1. The new smart meter
  2. A display screen that shows you how much gas or electricity you are using and how much it costs.

Your gas or electricity supplier will contact you when they are ready to fit your new smart meter. You do not have to have one if you do not want to.

YOU can help out by answering a few simple questions about Smart Meters. Please click on the link below:

Smart Meter Questionnaire

For an Easy Read information leaflet about smart meters just click on the link below.








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