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Hello and welcome to the Engagement Service page. Our Self Advocacy group meets the first Thursday of every month. if you would like to join our group please contact:


Or call the office on 01492 536486

Celia Lewis is the Engagement Coordinator at Conwy Connect

Do you want to help someone start a Self Advocacy Group? 

We have a best practice guide for you to download

Click the link below to download







Connect Forum has become the Connect Advocacy Group

Celia and Nigel, joined the team here at Conwy Connect in January. They held there first meeting with the group and relaunched the service.

there was a discussion and the group decided to change their name to the Connect Advocacy Group, they created some ground rules to follow at meetings, and Shayna fed back about the Regional meetings she had attended and Shell fed back about National Council.

The Connect Advocacy Group, also discussed a piece of work they would like to do. The group would like to change attitudes to employment, see our events page for the event they are helping to organize.


Check back each month to read about the work of the Connect Advocacy Group

Connecting people across North Wales

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