This blue circle is the universal symbol for Diabetes

Diabetes can happen to anyone

People with diabetes get too much sugar in their blood

This makes them ill


There are 2 kinds of diabetes – Type 1 and Type 2

People with Type 1 usually get it before they are 40

We do not know what causes Type 1 diabetes

People with Type 2 usually get it after they are 40

9 out of 10 people who have diabetes have the Type 2 version

Warning signs that you may have diabetes –

Feeling very thirsty   Drink_Cup_Water



Weeing a lot especially at night  Need-A-Wee (1)



Feeling very tiredTired-2



Losing weightWeightloss 01 9



Being itchy around your vagina or penisjock-itch


Things look blurredblurred-vision

If you think you might have diabetes see your doctor straight awayGP_Doctor-1 (1)

Diabetes needs treatment

If you do not treat diabetes it can badly damage your body

Diabetes is a long-term condition

This means it won’t go away

Treating Diabetes

Type 1

If you have type 1 diabetes you will need to take insulinInsulin every day

This is because your body cannot make insulin on its own

Type 2

A healthy lifestyle may control your diabetes

Eat healthy mealshealthy-35

Stop smokingNo_SmokingBe careful about how much alcohol you drink_78970435_refusing_drink




Take plenty of exerciseRun-2Some people may also need to take medicinesMedicine



Your doctor or nurse will work out what you need

GP_Doctor-1 (1)Ward_Sister


Here are some easy read leaflets about Diabetes

Click on the link to have a look

You can print them out if you want

nhs t2



Type 2 Diabetes NHS leaflet





diabetes general snip




Diabetes – General Information





easyhealth t2



Easy Health Diabetes Type 2 Leaflet





picture symbol diabetes snip



Type 2 Diabetes Picture Symbols

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