Health Checks – ‘Your Guide To Your Health Check’


Every adult with a learning disability living in Wales can have a free health check once a year.

‘Your Guide To Your Health Check’ tells you about what should happen in your check. It is an ‘Easy Read’ guide I have made by adapting and adding to a Mencap guide.

Having a health check once a year is very important as it looks for health problems you may not know about. It also makes sure you are on the right medication if you take medication. It will tell you whether you have had all the vaccinations and medical tests you need.

We have printed some copies of ’Your Guide To Your Health Check’ to give out.

You can also download it and print it yourself. Just click on the link below –

ccyour guide to your snip




ENGLISH your guide to your health check




‘Your Guide To Your Health Check’ is also available in Welsh – to download it click on the link below –

welsh health check snip




Welsh Your Guide To Your Health Check




The health checks are done by 16 of the 18 GP practices in Conwy. If your GP surgery does not do them then you have the right to have one at another Conwy GP.

If you haven’t been having a free health check every year you should ask your doctor about having one.

If you have any questions about health checks or have had any problems with your health check you can contact Sonia Winley on 07919 302 374 or 01824 712764. Sonia is the Learning Disability Acute Liaison Nurse who specialises in health checks.


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