Learning Disability Acute Liaison Service

glan-clwyd-hospital-65837875-1986714The Learning Disability Acute Liaison nurses help people with learning disabilities

  • to understand about their health
  • to understand their treatment
  • to prepare for hospital visits and hospital stays
  • to make sure things go well in hospital
  • with annual health checks

There is a Learning Disability Acute Liaison nurse in every hospital in North Wales. They are there to help you if you have to go into hospital.

They make sure you are getting all the support that you need and that all the people involved in your treatment are talking to each other and sharing information. At the moment there is no system to tell them when a person with a learning disability comes into hospital. Because of this it is very important to ask to see the Learning Disability Acute Liaison nurse as soon as you arrive in hospital.

If you know in advance that you or a person you support with a learning disability are going into hospital (for an operation for example) you should contact the Acute Liaison Nurse beforehand. This will enable them to work with you to make plans for your stay to try and make it easier.

There is also a Learning Disability Acute Liaison nurse especially to help you with your annual health check and a Learning Disability Acute Liaison nurse to help with mental health problems.

There is an information leaflet about the service. It is available in both Welsh and English. You can download a copy here by just clicking on the links below –

Learning Disability Health Liaison Service Adults

Tîm Cyswllt Iechyd i Oedolion ag Anableddau Dysgu

Contact details for members of the Learning Disability Acute Liaison Service are below.

Team Manager                                    –  07966511085  (Kim Scandariato) 

Ysbyty Gwynedd                               – 0783 363 4492

Ysbyty Glan Clwyd                           – 07900052095

Ysbyty Wrexham Maelor               – 0776 660 2478

Mental Health Liaison                    – 07919 302 312





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