Traffic Light Hospital Assessment Form

The Traffic Light Hospital Assessment Form is a very important document for people with a learning disability. If you have a learning disability you should fill one in and take with you if you need to go into hospital.

It contains very important information about you for hospital staff to read including vital medical facts, details about the support levels you need and a section about your likes and dislikes to make your stay more comfortable.

You should fill it in as soon as you get it, as there will be no time to complete it if you are suddenly rushed into hospital. Ask someone for help to fill it in if you need to.

This is YOUR document and should stay with you at all times if you are in hospital, even when you go to different parts of the hospital – for example, if you go for an x ray.

This is because all staff who deal with you need to read it to find out about you. When you go home again you should take it with you.

Don’t forget to check your form from time to time to make sure all the information on it is up to date.

To get your copy of the Traffic Light Hospital Assessment Form click on the link below. You can fill it in on a computer if you want, or simply print it off and fill it in with a pen.

Either way, make sure you print it out in colour afterwards, as otherwise it won’t work properly.

Traffic doc




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