Welcome to Conwy Connect for Learning Disabilities

Conwy Connect for Learning Disabilities was set up in 1997 to help promote the rights of people with a learning disability living within the county of Conwy in North Wales. Our aims include ensuring people have equality of choice and opportunity in the community they live in. We provide an essential link between all stakeholders whilst keeping members up-to-date of relevant changes in learning disability services.

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Disability Sport Brochure

Get involved.  Get Active.

ConDisability Sportswy has a wide range, and some of the best sporting opportunities in Wales for disabled people. This brochure (click to download below) details both club based opportunities and different sessions that take place within leisure centres on a regular basis.

There are both participation and performance outlets available for all impairment groups that allow people of all abilities to take part in appropriate opportunities.

Click link below to download brochure

Disability Sport Conwy English



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Summer Social Nights

Friday Evening Summer Social Night . It is  at 7pm-9.30pm.  Music, Bingo, dominoes, card games and board games are available. £3 per person (support workers/carers free) Tea/coffee and biscuits is 20p per person.Capture Social Night

It takes place at Llanrhos Old Community School Conwy Road,Llandudno

Download flyer below

Summer Social Evening

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Debbie’s Reducing Stigma Blog July

Keeping Safe event by Debbie Lomas  25th June 2015

2015-06-24 10.24.08

I went to the above event on the 10th June, which was a very interesting event, to listen to at the Colwyn Bay Cricket Club where I met Rob Newton – Miller, who is the Diversity Officer, from the North Wales Police, who was talking about Hate Crime or any incidents and showed us a video about Hate Crime, and he told us about to report a crime or an incident, and who we have to contact, what support is available also and how to keep safe on Facebook which I didn’t know about beforehand. I also found out there was a scheme which the library have got, in case, you are lost and don’t where you are. This event was also mentioned in the Pioneer, the same week as the keeping safe event came out.

There was a lady from Victim Support Sue Jones doing a talk on Hate Crime, this scheme is funded by the Welsh Government, increasing the report on hate crime and hate incident which are across North Wales and to offer support to the victims of any offences. A  Hate Crime or any incident is committed because of who we are and because of your age. The disability, sexuality, region, ethnicity, gender etc, someone, or a group of people, who targets you, committing a crime against you, bullies you, or harass you; this is an example of hate crime.

I thought the event, was interesting event, for everyone, to know about, if they have had incident of Hate Crime.


Debbie Lomas

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Keeping Safe Event

The “Keeping Safe” event was held on 3 June at the Colwyn Bay Cricket Club.  We had 38 members in attendance.  PC Rob Newton Miller, Diversity Officer from the North Wales Police and Sue Jones from Victim support were our guest speakers explaining:

  • What is a hate crime/incident
  • How to report it
  • Who to contact and support that there is


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Shayna’s Reducing Stigma Blog

Reducing Stigma work and about me.

LD Event_804/06/2015

My name is Shayna Harris I am 24 years old, I live at home with my mum and dad and brother Carl in Llandudno on the Great Orme I have got learning disablities I do a lot for disabled people I am these comittees where i discuss things that affects me like the DLA changes and I’m also a Conwy Rep for the regional network where people with learning disablities come to together to talk about what needs to change from where they live and activies they do. I’m also a queens guider where I got award my queens guide in London on March 2015  I went to the houses of commons to get presented my award by Gill Scombe who is the girls guiding chairman I also got a guiding tour of the commons as well.  I also volunteer in Tenevous in Conwy on Tuesdays and Fridays and i also volunteer in Conwy connect on a Wednesdays from 10 till 12 I also go to rangers on mondays or Wednesdays nights where i do craft work and i am also a helper in Brownies on Tuesdays nights where i am called squirell!.  I also go the discos in Llandudno Junction Community Centre the discos are on every two weeks on a Monday night and I like going to friendship group which is actitvites foe adults with learning disablities it is on every saturday of every month i also get paid in Bangor Univerisity for talking about healthy eating food as well.


Reducing stigma


I was asked by TAPE in Old Colwyn if I wanted to do a film on reducing stigma with adults with learning disablities with 4 other people with learning disablities the film was showing the affects of being treated different in the public like transport and relationships to having a social life and being stared at we were asked to share our experinces of what it is feels like to have a disablity and hoow it affects us in a daily bases.  we went to schools around Conwy to show our film to puplis from Ysgol John Bright, ysgol Erirs a school in Abergele and we went to the council chambers in Bodlomdeb where we showed the film to the councilors of Conwy and Julie Fallon they were very pleased with the film and had some good feedback from the schools and councilors.

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